Diamonds last forever, a trip of a lifetime

The Diamond awards are held annually and every winner who is awarded for their high performance receives a trip away with the others to a beautiful location..

Why having friends at work is important

You create friendships in many stages throughout your life, when you spend half your life at work, building friendships in the workplace should be important...

Remote working communication

Communication is the ‘oxygen of a distributed company’. This is a great analogy because working remotely you must have good communication strategies...

How can you help your employees professional development?

As an employee, you want to invest in your company's goals, get excited about their success, motivated to improve their products, services & processes used....

Helping the Animal Welfare League with a special campaign

Helping the Animal Welfare League with a special campaign.

Communication is simple as ABC, or is it?

My final thought... communication is never just as simple as abc because we are all different.

Lessons from leaders

Lessons you can learn from a leader are revealed from Group Development Manager at HTG Solutions.

When your work and personal worlds collide

When your work and personal worlds collide!

HTG gives back to Animal Welfare League Queensland charity for their Pawfect Gift campaign, although it also created a collusion between.

HTG recognised as a Great Place to Work two years running

HTG recognised as a Great Place to Work two years running!

We're proud to announce that for the second year in a row Great Place to Work has officially certified HTG Solutions as one of the top workplaces in Australia.

New Role, New Responsibilities, Same Great Place

HTG is made up of individuals who are driven by our values to be the best they can be for themselves, each other, and their customers..


R U OK? Ask the Simple Question, Change a Life

The entire R U OK campaign was built from the risk of ‘not’ asking this very simple question, especially when somebody's senses senses are heightened..

Surround Yourself With Good People and Great Culture

Taylor Marsh, Effective Store Manager at HTG, shares her transition to a workplace with good people and great culture..