If you live the HTG values day to day, the opportunities are endless

Let's take this back to when I first started with HTG in September 2016. I had just left my previous job and done a little bit of travelling..

A world of opportunity was just waiting for me

I had the privilege of joining HTG in July 2016. I was currently working in the Telco industry at the time and had a friend who had made the switch to HTG and c.

My daily life as a technician

Each day I go to work wondering who I’ll help and what problems I’ll face. As a consumer technology consultant I encounter problems that occur using day to day .

Can you sing along in the car with your general manager?…

Or Snapchat your Logistics manager?.... because I can. If this isn’t the first blog you have read on our website, then you will surely notice a strong pattern...

A day in life of a tech

6.00 I'm woken by the sounds of chatter in the room next door, my 1 year old is awake and has decided it's time to play..

Hard work = a trip to Vanuatu!

I was fortunate enough to win an all-expenses paid trip to Vanuatu along with the other Diamond Award winners at HTG in February 2017. .

Know your why!?

As soon as I left high school, I had always wanted to find a full time job, rather than go to University and study for something that I’m not interested. My min.

HTG, what a great place to work!

My journey at HTG started in October of 2015 working at the retail Helensvale store and still to this day, I remain here for a number of great reasons but I'll .

I hit apply and then everything changed

I started working in Telco sales straight after I finished school, and did so for 7 years until I decided to pack up and move to London for a couple of years..

I now call my work colleagues family

I started working with HTG in February 2016, previous to this I was working as a cold calling agent in Burleigh..