Happy 10 year work anniversary Nikita!

Anything we do or say would not be enough to thank you for everything you have done for this company over the last 10 years. But I wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for everything we have done for HTG and wish you a Happy 10 Year Anniversary. We met with Nikita to ask her a few questions about her time at HTG.

HTG Internship Experience

Having worked in digital marketing before, I thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into when I applied for a marketing internship at HTG. That so wasn’t the case! My first interview with Danielle, Nayara, and Stevie was, honestly, one of a kind.

Tips and tricks to maintain a positive environment

We, as humans, are social animals. All of our daily activities revolve around other people, be it at work, with friends and family, your partner and / or kids. Unfortunately, the current environment has changed these activities completely. We are being forced to work from home, social distance from people and to self-isolate and for many of us


How to Make Yourself Indispensable in the Workplace

Job security is a serious concern for many employees in today’s workforce. Knowing that so many positions are being outsourced, cut, or revamped, makes it especially challenging to know that anybody’s job is completely safe. Especially with machines on the rise, who knows what jobs will survive as robots move into the workplace. That’s why

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No Time For Neg-Flu – HTG Sees Life Through A Love Lens!

We often utilise a range of different lenses as we go through life. Recently, I’ve experienced the negative lens, and it sucks! Sure, all of us wake up on the wrong side of the bed occasionally, but there’s no need to hold onto sorrow. I mean, where does it get you and what does it

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Baristas – Changing Lives for the Better

My typical day starts with me jumping out of bed to the sound of my 5:00 AM alarm. I’m at HTG with the coffee machine warming up by 6:30 AM. There’s a step-by-step procedure involved to ensure that the espresso is pulled correctly. However, being a professional barista involves so much more than showing up

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New Year’s Resolutions – Don’t Wait Until The New Year!

New Year’s resolutions are a popular method individuals use to resolve or change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their lives. We even often hear people say, “New year, new me!”  Well sorry, it doesn’t quite work like that. It turns out that a lot of us have

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A Night Out With HTG – Lasers, Road Rage & Shootouts

Each team within HTG gets together outside of business hours several times a year to enjoy all expenses paid nights out. We recently had Telstra Store Helensvale’s retail night, where we opted to go to Timezone for laser skirmish, bumper cars, and arcade games.   We met out the front of Timezone with a chat

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HTG Invests in Their People

Not many people are fortunate enough to work for a company that encourages employees to excel through extensive amounts of resources and training. Well, I work for HTG, and I can say that investing in the growth of individuals is what they do!   What led me to HTG? My interest in HTG began when

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Five Ways to Beat Your Nerves and Be Confident in an Interview

There’s no doubting that job interviews can be daunting. If you want the top tips on how to beat your nerves and create an incredible first impression with a potential employer, then look no further. The basics Never be late. You know the exact time and the place of the interview, so there’s no excuse

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Great First Impressions at a Great Place to Work

Have you ever wondered what it’s like starting a new role at one of Australia’s greatest places to work? Today at HTG we (Anthony and Rowan) were able to experience it first hand, and what a day it was to start! We were informed that our first official day was marked with the celebration and

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HTG has been a life changer

I’ve learnt so much in the last 8 months at HTG! I might say I have learnt almost as much as I learnt in my whole schooling life. I have made some great friends, met some amazing people and experienced great opportunities that will stay with me for the rest of my life. HTG has

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