Happy 10 year work anniversary Nikita!

Anything we do or say would not be enough to thank you for everything you have done for this company over the last 10 years. But I wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for everything we have done for HTG and wish you a Happy 10 Year Anniversary. We met with Nikita to ask her a few questions about her time at HTG.

HTG Internship Experience

Having worked in digital marketing before, I thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into when I applied for a marketing internship at HTG. That so wasn’t the case! My first interview with Danielle, Nayara, and Stevie was, honestly, one of a kind.

Tips and tricks to maintain a positive environment

We, as humans, are social animals. All of our daily activities revolve around other people, be it at work, with friends and family, your partner and / or kids. Unfortunately, the current environment has changed these activities completely. We are being forced to work from home, social distance from people and to self-isolate and for many of us


I hit apply and then everything changed

I started working in Telco sales straight after I finished school, and did so for 7 years until I decided to pack up and move to London for a couple of years. I came back to Australia in early 2015 and decided I wanted to study, so I took on an easy job to have

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Get some more DIY in your life

Do it yourself (DIY).. From a young age we teach our children to be independent, to do things for themselves, to learn and explore, to keep trying until they pick up a new skill and to not give up.   So how come when we get older we become, dare I say it, lazy? We

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I now call my work colleagues family

I started working with HTG in February 2016, previous to this I was working as a cold calling agent in Burleigh. A close friend of mine explained to me that HTG was looking for new starters and this appealed to me as I was very unhappy in my current position. I chose to make the

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My story with HTG starts back in October, 2015.

I was working for a competitor at the time and for a number of years I got to a point where I was feeling unfulfilled in what I was doing. I was on the hunt for something new and a more rewarding workplace. Some friends I knew already worked for HTG and would always tell

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My New Favourite Word: PROACTIVE

A few weeks ago I was reminded of a conversation I had with someone about 5 years earlier. I was working within a large company and not enjoying it at all. I didn’t like what I was doing, I hated coming to work and knew I needed a change. But where was I going to

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Learn about yourself and your aspirations will follow

I grew up never really knowing what I wanted to be. It was in grade 10 when I decided I had aspirations to finish school and study to become a Lawyer. It was a little into my second semester of study when I was offered my first position as a Secretary. Safe to say, that

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If you want to progress your career, put your hand up!

I have only been a part of the HTG family for a short period of time, however I’ve already made new friends and been provided with career opportunities to grow within the business.   I started my HTG journey in the Helensvale Telstra retail store only a week after graduating Year 12. I had never

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My HTG Journey So Far

My childhood was sort of different to most – at least I think it was. I guess it all comes down to a matter of perspective. I had my first job when I was just three years of age appearing in a Campbell’s chicken noodle soup advert. Shooting television adverts and making TV series was

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What is a Raving Fan?

My Name is Dave Kirk, I was born in Canada, and moved to Australia on 6th of April 1987 the same day Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Haggler had their world title fight, and I have had the pleasure of working in Sales and Customer Service for the past 30 years in Australia. I currently

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