How to make a work birthday special

Love your birthday? Love it even more when you know you’re working on your special day? At HTG we celebrate birthdays just like you would celebrate your special.

How my passion for logic and numbers led me to my career with HTG

HTG Chief Financial Officer, Katrina Tocco, shares how her passion for logic and numbers led her to being an accountant at a great place to work..

Tell me why! Bring your stories to life

We’re always hearing kids ask “why?” That’s why it’s surprising that so many business leaders forget to explain the why. .

HTG Invests In Their People

Liana McCarthy shares her experiences that led her to HTG, a great place to work..

Heels, Suit, Red Lippy & Dreams

When I was a little girl, I’d always look at my mum and think she was the most amazing woman. She dressed in nice high heels and a corporate suit ....

HTG Has Been A Golden Opportunity

I come from a small country town in NSW where there’s not a lot to offer young adults once they’ve finished school..

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First impressions – how to make a difference

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Great first impressions at a Great Place To Work

Have you ever wondered what it’s like starting a new role at one of Australia’s greatest places to work? Today at HTG we (Anthony and Rowan) ....

HTG has been a life changer

I’ve learnt so much in the last 8 months! I might say I have learnt almost as much as I learnt in my whole schooling life. I have made some great friends..