Aspire 1

This course will help you create advocacy by focusing on how to interact more effectively with your customers & colleagues.  This is the first of 4  workshops in the HTG Aspire Development Program. You will be introduced to the DISC Advanced Personality type model and will get to know more about yourself and how to work within your team and interact with customers through a range of activities and facilitated discussion.  

Aspire 2

This second part of the course will start you on your leadership journey with HTG.  In this 2 day workshop, you will get to know more about yourself and how your actions can influence others in your team, no matter what your role is.  You will gain skills in coaching for high performance, making informed decisions, setting goals for yourself and your team and sharing your vision for success.

You will leave the workshop with actionable goals that will be followed up through the Accelerate Program.

Aspire 3

Part 3 of this course builds on the coaching and situational leadership skills gained in Aspire 2, as well as introducing you to strategic business planning, and developing your communication and presentation skills.  You will leave the program with the skills to take your coaching to the next level, manage conflict, and build a high-performance team.  You will have a greater understanding of yourself and have the skills to run professional meetings and deliver presentations confidently.  

You will then put your learning into actions with the Accelerate 3 Program.

Aspire 4

The final part of this course will help you make better business decisions, recruit the right team and understand why you do things they way you do.  You will leave the workshop with the skills plan and conduct interviews, evaluate candidates and select the right person.  You will also evaluate your team members development needs and plan for their business and personal development. 

You will know more about your own personality style through the Hogan Personality Inventory, and understand how this tool can help you with your own personal development, as well as to select staff, and to work with and coach the people on your team.

You will also work on ‘real life’ business project that you will deliver to the Senior Leadership Team, and take back to the workplace for implementation.