As soon as I left high school, I had always wanted to find a full time job, rather than go to University and study for something that I’m not interested. My mind was always set on finding a job and learning through life experiences. You can’t really teach customer service unless you are actually experiencing it.


I feel as if I’m more of a practical learner, so it was a no brainer that I would rather pursue having a job and learn from experiences, rather than having some knowledge where I would not be sure how to apply them into real life situations. I have learnt so much in the few months that I have worked here at HTG and I’m glad I made the decision to work here.



Another reason I wanted to have a job was because I wanted to be able to be living the best life I possibly can. To do this, I want to be financially stable by having that freedom of not having to worry about anything such as money.


For example, “Oh I can’t go out this weekend because I’m poor” – that’s not the life I would want to live. I’m not a party girl at all, but even going to adventures and nice picnics or hikes would be nice. I don’t want money as a big setback in life which might be holding me back from my happiness and new opportunities and experiences.



I live near Ipswich and I travel to and from the Gold Coast everyday. The reason I continue to travel that distance every day to work is mainly because of the people that I work with. They give me a reason and a purpose. The environment of the work place is so welcoming and everyone is treated like a family. We share jokes, life experiences, successes and loses.


The community of Techwell is being to able to help one another, whether it be the employees or the customers. I’ve had past experiences where I would dread to even wake up to go to work as I didn’t enjoy the workplace I was in, even though it would be a 10 minute drive from home. However, Techwell makes that 45 minute drive worth it each time.


I’m a relationship manager at Techwell, a subsidiary company to the HTG’s list of brands. I enjoy being able to talk to people and assist them with their needs. In my past jobs, I had always worked in either a retail or hospitality career path which taught me a lot about customer service. With that experience, you normally build rapport with that customer which then gains a relationship and an understanding of their needs.



Being the relationship manager for Techwell helps me gain a good relationship with customers ensuring that I’m able to assist them with any of their needs. Working for Techwell allows me to be able to communicate to different people each day. It’s a good feeling when you get feedback that state that you have really assisted their needs and that they remember you by name, which means that they will keep coming back to you which is a good feeling.


Being able to provide good customer advocacy to ensure that the customer has an 10/10 outcome is a good feeling. Even better when they keep coming back.  


Tiffany Lavarn